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BCA is Greece's oldest Maritime College, offering academic programmes and professional courses in the field of Maritime and Shipping Management. Drawing knowledge, skills and exeperience from one of the world's most significant Maritime clusters, the Piraeus cluster in Greece, we develop Master's degrees and professional courses targeting deck officers and Maritime professionals wishing to expand their managerial skills in the fascinating world of Shipping.

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  • BCA offers 50 years of specialisation in Shipping Management degees
  • Best students offered internships in Greece
  • World-class Profesors combining leading Professional experience and thorough academic knowledge


Greek Shipping Industry
  • Over 1000 Ship Management companies based in Greece
  • 4,000 Greek owned vessels, total value of 105 USD billion
  • More than the 20% of world tonnage held by Greek Shipping Companies
  • Over 120 hours of HD video in English
  • Specialised e-books to accompany each course
  • 50 hours of face to face teaching in 4 locations around the world
  • Online access to Maritime journals and databases access
  • Athens
  • Manila
  • Jakarta
  • Hamburg

Industry Testimonials

Stratos Tsalamanios

Co-CEO | Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd. and Seaven Tanker & Dry Management Inc.

"As a BCA Alumnus and by supporting the shipping program through providing career opportunities to the students of the program, I am in position to acknowledge and guarantee the high standards of the shipping program of BCA as well as the high level of its students.

A qualified program for the professionals who wish to pursue or continue their career in shipping."

Captain Nicholas Pagonis

BCA Alumnus
Associate Vice President | Global Fleet Management
Global Marine Operations
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

"There is no denying in the fact that e-learning has become a staple of higher education. Just a few of the benefits provided through online courses and e-learning, is the opportunity to complete tasks when it is most convenient, without sacrificing the quality of the individual educational experience.

While going through MSc in Shipping, many of my assignments were completed during weekends, evenings or even during my lunch breaks. I was able to set the time and place in order to complete a schedule that suited me best, and at my own pace. And while many universities offer a wide variety of online courses, BCA differentiates itself on multiple levels, not only through its substantial portfolio of academic courses, but also by offering an extensive wealth of materials, through its libraries and references for example, thereby providing equal opportunities for every e-student, and for every subject matter.
Personally, I was impressed by BCA’s high standards of providing such a transparent and collaborative communication between professors and students, which in turn was very encouraging indeed.Thank you BCA and best wishes for a successful future ahead!"

Mr. Adonis Georgiadis

Minister of Development and Investments


"The world of Shipping in a nutshell. A truly innovative way to learn about the fascinating issues which matter today in the Shipping industry, delivered by a College with a long tradition in Shipping management studies."

Dr. George Gratsos

Former President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping

"As the shipping industry evolves, the need for qualified staff and particularly executives increases. I believe that BCA’s Online MSc in Shipping covers important aspects facing today’s Shipping companies. It also does so in a friendly, well designed learning environment which I haven’t yet seen from other shipping programmes.

BCA’s Online MSc in Shipping has a curriculum which I believe would greatly assist future executives in their understanding of a constantly changing industry as complicated and demanding as Shipping. The programme is designed with an easy to use learning environment which should help future executives in their understanding of the industry and its many facets.

Ms. Dora Bakoyannis

Member of Parliament

"Shipping makes the world go round, all around the world. At the same time, well into the digital revolution of our era, there are no borders for those who seek to enhance knowledge, explore new paths, acquire new skills, and realize new developments. And new developments in the maritime world are a tour de force both for the Greek as well as for the international economy. In BCA’s online MSc in Shipping, opportunity meets education and education meets destination-future as the classroom comes wherever the laptop is, to open up a world of possibilities. Congratulations BCA. Keep on sailing!"

Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis

Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs

"A unique program from a unique College for one of the most unique industries in the world where Greece truly excels at."

Mr. Harry Vafeias

CEO StealthGas Inc.

"BCA’s online MSc in Shipping is unique both in terms of its -easy to use- learning environment, as well as its curriculum which shall help future executives in their understanding of the Shipping industry and its many facets."

Key Learning Features

The combination of distance learning courses’ best practices and the feedback from our students, have enabled us to design a unique e-Learning platform, as well as high quality academic videos. In a user friendly environment, the student can navigate seamlessly from page to page, while having the core features of the platform at immediate reach. Consequently, the educational material as well as the e-Learning platform have been designed in such a way as to enable full autonomy in the learning process.

Access anytime, anywhere
96 hours of face to face lectures per global location
100 hours of HD Video Lectures
Customised learning platform
Self-paced learning
Online Fora, monthly live lectures
Access to LLoyds,Clarcksons, BIMCO databases
24 hour Q&A support


Our Professors are successful professionals in the Maritime industry, while also active in scientific research. This ideal combination provides students with an in-depth analysis of the current issues facing the Shipping industry, through a multitude of case studies which enhance the learning process.

Online education in Ship Management

In a globalised world where ideas and products develop and spread rapidly on a daily basis, it is difficult for companies or educational institutions to claim uniqueness. Yet, at BCA College, we can claim that we have created the world’s first Master's degrees and Professional courses in Shipping, offered fully online as well as on board merchant ships. They encapsulate 50 years of Shipping management knowledge, aimed to create professionals and officers with rounded knowledge of how the Shipping industry operates, from the management point of view.

Created in the country which possesses the world’s largest merchant fleet, and delivered in 4 global locations by Professors specialised in the art of Shipping Management, the Online Masters in Shipping and Professional programs can claim to be the most complete educational programs in Management in the world.

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One of the oldest Shipping management departments in Europe
of our graduates are top executives in the Shipping industry
Top 10
10 of the world’s largest Shipping companies employ our graduates

Advisory Board

BCA’s Advisory Board comprises some of the most talented professionals and leaders of the Greek Shipping industry. Their invaluable insight allows BCA to be at the forefront of knowledge, producing content and knowledge in par with the needs of the Global Maritime industry.

Mr. John Platsidakis
Honorary President Intercargo, Managing Director Maran Dry Management Inc.
Mr. George Gabriel
Director of Golden Union Shipping Co SA
Dr. Georgios Gratsos
Former President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping
Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos
Chairman of the ‘MARIA TSAKOS FOUNDATION'. Secretary-General Emeritus of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Mr. loannis Pahoulis
ex-President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers' Association
Mr. Charalambos Simantonis
President of the Hellenic Short Sea Ship-owners’ Association
Mr. Harry Vafeias
CEO of Stealth Maritime INC
Mr. Nicolaos Vernikos
President of the InternationalChamber of Commerce


Maritime Industry Foundation
International Propeller Club

Online Master in Shipping


Awards recognised by
UK Naric

Education Awards 2016

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